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Revolutionary Cuba: the Streets Are Ours! (3rd edition)

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Author: Edited by Rock Around The Blockade

Publisher: Larkin Publications, 2021 [ Paperback ], 78pp
ISBN: 978-0-905400-30-3

£4.80 inc. p&p in the UK

From the triumph of the revolution in 1959 and the huge advances for the Cuban population, to the challenges of surviving the collapse of the Soviet Union and Cuba's astounding feats in healthcare, education and internationalism, this pamphlet tells the story of revolutionary Cuba. It is written by members and supporters of Rock Around the Blockade, a campaign of the Revolutionary Communist Group, who are committed to the fight against imperialism and to building a working class movement in Britain.

Resisting 60 years of blockade and imperialist aggression, socialist Cuba continues to provide a beacon of hope and solidarity, offering an alternative to capitalist war, poverty and exploitation. Cutting through the myriad of media misrepresentation and hypocrisy, this pamphlet does not simply describe Cuba but draws out the relevance of Cuba's revolution to the global fight against capitalism, imperialism and the struggle for socialism here in Britain.

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