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The miners' strike 1984-85: people versus state

The miners' strike 1984-85: people versus state
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Author: David Reed and Olivia Adamson
Publisher: Larkin Publications, 1985 [ Paperback ]
ISBN: 0 905400 05 4
Condition: New

This book combines political analysis of the heroic miners' strike as it took place with a diary of events, photographs, eye-witness acounts, reviews, speeches and articles on different aspects of the strike. Together they give a political history of a strike which has transformed political life for hundreds of thousands of people in Britain.

The book argues that the miners' strike has produced a wealth of political gains: the leading role of working class women in the struggle; the new class organisations thrown up in the mining areas, towns and cities during the strike; and the recognition of the common interest of striking miners with people oppressed by British imperialism -- Irish people, black people in Britain and the people of Southern Africa fighting to destroy the racist apartheid state. It has also produced important lessons: the split in the working class movement; the disasterous influence of the leadership of the Labour and trade union movement; and the class character of the state, its police, laws and courts.

Building on these political gains and learning the lessons of the strike, a new fighting working class movement can and must be built in Britain.