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Labour: a party fit for imperialism

Labour: a party fit for imperialism
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Author: Robert Clough
Publisher: Larkin Publications, 1992 [ Paperback ], 192pp
ISBN: 0 905400 15 1
Condition: New

'For a view of the Labour Party outside its red rose and double-breasted suit image, this is a valuable work.'
John Pilger

This is the untold story of the Labour Party; how it used the RAF to defend the British Empire against the Kurdish and Indian people; approved the use of battleships against the Chinese people to maintain the gains of the Opium Wars; used headhunters against Malayan freedom fighters; and later on tortured and interned Irish Nationalists

It is the story of its racism: its descriptions of Africans as 'non-adult people'; its decades of connivance with South African apartheid; its continuous support for immigration controls.

It is the story of a left wing which was part of this corruption, and which constantly sanctioned such terror, because it saw its membership of the Labour Party as of far greater importance than the fate of millions suffering the iron heel of Labour imperialism.

It is the story of a Party, which, representing a small, privileged section of the working class, has constantly betrayed the interests of the mass of the working class: unemployed workers, black, Asian and Irish people, all those engaged in a struggle against the British state.

It is the story of a Party which has made a mockery of the words 'freedom', 'democracy' and 'socialism'.